We are excited to announce FOMA’s success in realizing the Audi PPE project mentioned in Quattroruote. After a tough competition with global contenders, we won the nomination in February 2020 for the “”zwischengeheuse“” component (gearbox in the article photo).The close and synergic collaboration with the customer was a cornerstone of our success. Indeed, thanks to this partnership, we were able to take an active part in the co-development of the project, ensuring tailor-made solutions and meeting the specific needs of Audi and Porsche. In the following years, we invested significantly to build a new industrial building designed to house a fully automated production cycle. From machining to packaging, every step was optimized to ensure uncompromising efficiency and quality. This milestone confirms our commitment to excellence and FOMA’s ability to excel in globally competitive settings, confirming its ability to drive innovation in the industry and offer cutting-edge solutions. “Courtesy of Archivio Domus – copyright Editoriale Domus S.p.A.”