Our research and development team has more than 20 people and is crucial within the company because it allows us to:

Optimize the product by playing a key role in co-designing new products and improving existing ones. It conducts research and experiments to optimize the design of die castings, improve their production performance and reduce their costs.

Develop Processes by focusing on developing new manufacturing processes and refining existing ones to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

Analyse the different alloys: it is responsible for testing and assessing new materials to be used in aluminium die casting. Study together with the customer the use of new alloys, coatings and surface treatments to improve the mechanical and physical properties of aluminium castings.

In Foma, we follow our customers from the initial phase of the design process up to the realization. We help our customers improve their products in a more sustainable way.


Development software currently in use.

  • Creo
  • Machining with TEBIS and DELCAM software
  • Available data exchange: DWG, DXF, VDA, IGES, ACIS, STEP, PARASOLID, VRML, STL
  • CAD systems
  • CAM systems
  • Willingness to implement new software upon customer request


Filling simulation with PROCAST and CALCOSOFT.


  • Get the best mould filling with the lowest steel stress
  • Identify potential porosity, shrinkage cavities, cold spots, etc.
  • Define the mould thermoregulation circuits
  • Optimize the design during the industrialization phase
  • Reduction in test times and setting up of the moulds