History, leadership, innovation.

We are leaders in metal transformation, we believe in innovation, sustainability and excellence. We are specialized in the production of aluminium die castings, and we want to continue being the reference partner in Europe.


We see a future in which the products’ and habits’ “mobility” system will change. The integration between electronics and aluminium will require an evolution of current processes and skills, in order to be a strategic partner of “change”.


Innovation through tradition since 1956

FOMA has a lengthy experience in the transformation of metals and is specialized in the production of high-tech, die-cast aluminium parts.

It was founded in 1956 by Angelo Montini in Lumezzane (BS) as a mould construction company. Cast aluminium production began in 1962.
The design and construction of the moulds is still carried out In the Lumezzane (BS) plant, which are considered strategic for the realization of the production process. The Pralboino (BS) plant was founded in 1971 and is the current FOMA production site where raw, machined and assembled die-cast aluminium components for the automotive sector are produced. Since 2000, next to the foundry, the mechanical machining department has been created, which allows the production cycle of the aluminium casting to be completed and to follow our customers’ needs.

Today FOMA, with its fleet of machines consisting of 34 presses and over 50 CNCs, is one of the largest European aluminium die casting and processing companies.


The growth and appreciation of our collaborators guide the daily choices of management, which must guarantee them a safe and stimulating workplace. Motivation, a sense of belonging and transparency in relationships are the pillars of the FOMA organization. We are committed to seeing change as an opportunity for improvement.

FOMA’s success is a result of the daily satisfaction that our collaborators derive from their work, guided by passion and the desire to always go further. Each result achieved is the starting point for new goals.

FOMA has always improved its production processes and pioneered the technological innovations necessary for corporate development and sustainability. The success of our customers is our driving force.

FOMA takes on responsibility towards all its stakeholders, with continuity and with a long-term vision. We give future generations a better world.

Sustainability Report


The transition from the corporate welfare system to a broader concept of wellbeing involves a more complex perspective with which the company takes care of the collaborator and in particular of their working wellbeing.
It is necessary to anticipate and satisfy the different needs of the company’s workers by supporting their career and professional development, safeguarding their psycho-physical health and building around them a healthy, safe, fair and satisfying work environment, to support better productivity and a reduction of turnover.


Our aim is the structuring of a management model based on processes that guarantee fairness in the recruiting phase, strengthening and growth of Know How through the development of specific career paths, participation in continuous improvement according to the KAIZEN philosophy and integration with the current welfare system, regulated by the reference CCNL (collective labour agreement), with additional and structured solutions that meet the real needs of workers, supplement their wages and involve families and the entire surrounding community.

Since its inception, FOMA has been involved in the development of the area by cooperating with various bodies and institutions, supporting their initiatives and projects.


One of the difficulties that emerges in an increasingly evolving world of work is that of aligning the new professional needs of companies with the school curricula at the end of the study programmes. Our company intends to help reduce this gap by promoting the exchange of knowledge with technical and professional institutes and universities, structuring specific collaboration and know-how enhancement projects with them.

We expect benefits for everyone: greater employment opportunities for the young people of the area and recruitment possibilities more in line with the needs of the company.

We are
our values

The working group has identified some pillars of sustainability which it considers particularly significant, and which make it possible to define the commitments that the company intends to undertake for the future.

Welfare of people and social security:

We feel a particular responsibility towards our collaborators and their families, as well as towards the local communities. To honour this attention, we create projects and initiatives aimed at constantly improving people’s wellbeing and the social security of our community.

Policy, health and safety


Support and environmental protection of the area:

We feel a particular responsibility towards our collaborators and their families, as well as towards the local communities. To honour this attention, we create projects and initiatives aimed at constantly improving people’s wellbeing and the social security of our community.

Environmental policy



Our company operates in the automotive sector and is particularly sensitive to new forms of mobility that are combined with commitments to sustainability. As a result, we actively engage with business partners in the development of the electric mobility sector. We believe this represents the future of a responsible market.

Governance and everyone’s contribution:

Sustainability is an essential aspect of the cultural and economic future of companies. It is both a perspective and an attitude towards one’s work that concerns everyone. This is why we intend to actively engage in involving an increasing number of stakeholders to initiate environmental and social protection actions.

Code of ethics


To report alleged wrongdoing, write to the email: odv@foma.it


Foma S.p.A., in compliance with the new directives of the Privacy guidelines regarding whistleblowing, provided for by Legislative Decree no. 24 of 2023, in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower, has activated the platform that can be reached by clicking the button below.