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Native aluminium does not exist in nature. Though it corresponds to the 8% of the total elements on earth, man had to invent it, extracting it from bauxite.

Discovering aluminium meant to discover a material with exceptional characteristics of lightness, ductility, mechanical strength, resistance to atmospheric agents, form retention, good thermal and electrical conductivity. Thanks to its properties, aluminium has rapidly become one of the most widely employed materials in production of large and extremely large scale consumer goods. It is second only to steel and tends to improve its positio


By thought, to project, to prototype to production of castings in series ...

The heart and soul of the automotive, produce for original equipment ...

FOMA has its own technical center for tool design with serveral CAD platforms and skilled personnel.

FOMA has big experience in multi cavity and modular tools.

Competitiveness has an essential social value, because it means growth, jobs being. Renewal and quality are key words to offer future prospects...